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Professional Opinions. Trusted Values. Superior Service. It isn't just a slogan, it is our mission at Premier Appraisal Services. We have a small but dedicated team with some of the best residential appraisers from the Appraisal Institute of Canada. With a wealth of experience, and our focus on detail and quality, our reports are highly respected and among the best in the business.

Whether you are a broker, a lender or a homeowner ordering your own appraisal, we promise you unbeatable service. We are responsive throughout the process and keep you up to date from first contact, through appointment booking and completion of the appraisal report.

Our standard turnaround time for most properties is two business days following the appraisal inspection.

Marital Appraisals
Estate Settlement Appraisal
Capital Gains Appraisal
Current Market Value Appraisal

We understand that great service is what sets you apart from the competition and helps build a loyal client base. We offer unparalleled customer service, with superior communication throughout  the process and one day turnaround for most properties. Premier Appraisal Services is on the approved appraisers list for most popular A and B lenders, including Home Trust Company. For a list of lenders, please visit the Our Clients page or contact us at any time.


Premier Appraisal Services is a trusted appraisal provider for a wide variety of private lenders. We understand the the exposure to risk that private lenders face. Our experienced team, thorough inspections and detailed reports ensure that private lenders have the information they need to make prudent lending decisions. We provide private lending appraisals for first and second mortgages, up to a maximum 85% loan-to-value. For more information, please contact us.


Homeowners sometimes require a professional, independent and unbiased home valuation. All of our appraisers are members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada, the leading property valuation association in the country. Our professionally written reports are highly respected and provide you the documentation you need for a wide variety of purposes. We offer appraisals for marital separation, estate settlement, capital gains calculation, relocation and more.

Standard Appraisal Services

We provide a wide range of residential appraisal services for single family dwellings, condominiums, townhomes, duplexes and triplexes. Our services include: full and drive-by appraisals, new construction appraisals, progress reports and final inspections, marital separation appraisals for division of assets, estate settlement appraisals, capital gains calculation appraisals, relocation appraisals and more.

Marital Separation Appraisals

In the event of marital separation or divorce, appraisals are often required for the purpose of asset division or one partner buying out the other. Hiring an Appraisal Institute of Canada appraiser will ensure a fair, unbiased valuation of your home. Premier Appraisal Services is experienced in this type of appraisal assignment and will provide you with a detailed written report with a clear explanation of the valuation analysis and conclusion.

In some cases, each party will retain their own separate appraisal services while at other times the two parties agree to rely on a single appraisal. When ordering an appraisal for marital separation purposes, you will need to know if you require a value based on the date of separation (retrospective appraisal) or a current market value. In some cases, both of these values will be required. Your legal representative can advise you of the appropriate valuation date, or if both values will be needed.

Estate Settlement Appraisals

Property appraisal is an important part of estate settlement. These appraisals are also known as "estate appraisals" or "probate appraisals". Whether it is part of the estate administration tax calculation, or just to ensure a fair market value when one family member is planning to buy a share of the property from the other beneficiaries, a formal appraisal report is essential. Premier Appraisal Services is experienced in this type of appraisal assignment and will provide you with a detailed written report with a clear explanation of the valuation analysis and conclusion.

In many cases, you will need a value based on the date of death (retrospective appraisal). In some cases, you will require a current market value or perhaps both of these values. Your legal representative or accountant will be able to provide you guidance as to the valuation date required.

Capital Gains Calculation Appraisals

The sale of your principal residence is generally exempt from capital gains taxation. The sale of an income producing property, however, is subject to capital gains taxation. To calculate the capital gain and applicable taxes once the property is sold, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires evidence of the property's value at the time you started using it as an income property. The best evidence of this value is a formal appraisal completed by a member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. This scenario most often occurs when a principal residence is converted to a rental property.

Premier Appraisal Services is experienced in this type of appraisal assignment and will provide you with a detailed written report with a clear explanation of the valuation analysis and conclusion. Ideally, you will obtain a current market value appraisal at the time of conversion from principal residence to income property. Otherwise, you will need a retrospective appraisal estimating what the value of the property was at the time of conversion. It should be noted that we generally limit our retrospective appraisals to a five year time frame.

Relocation Appraisal

Many large companies offer some form of guaranteed home sale program as part of their employee relocation plan. Obtaining a detailed relocation appraisal is an essential part of this process and is necessary in order to establish the guaranteed home price. Two appraisals are typically prepared as part of this process, with one appraiser chosen by the employee and one appraiser chosen by the employer.

A relocation appraisal differs from a standard appraisal in that its purpose is to establish the “anticipated sales price” which sometimes differs from “market value” appraisal. Relocation appraisals consider recent sales in the neighbourhood as well as conditional sales, current listings and local market trends in order to establish a competitive market position. The scope of research, analysis and market data included in a relocation appraisal far exceeds that of a standard mortgage type appraisal. Local market expertise is essential.

All of our relocation appraisal assignments are performed by fully designated members, completed to the standards of both the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) and the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC), using the industry standard CERC Residential Relocation Appraisal Report form.

Current Market Value Appraisal

Current market value appraisals may be required by homeowners for a wide variety of reasons other than those described above. Whether you are selling your home privately or have questions about the accuracy of your municipal property assessment, we can help you. Our team of professional appraisers will inspect the property and put together a detailed, well-written report complete with neighbourhood information, a full description of the subject property (including any notable positive and negative attributes), photographs, comparable sales information and maps. Our average report is between 20 and 30 pages and is complete with a thorough analysis and discussion of all relevant information. Please contact us at any time to discuss your residential appraisal needs.

Relocation Appraisal
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